Volunteer Enrollment(Tai Tan Tsai Shoreline Cleaning)

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If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in the shore clean-up field, this event is worth checking out.

Tai Tan Tsai is a small area near of Tai Tan – an area located in the East Sai Kung Country Park that its well-known good quality of water brings tons of the tourist come and visit through all the years.

Wherever the tourists, wherever the garbage goes. The ocean current brings garbage to come and finally stuck in the Tai Tan Tsai area tying with the mangrove forest.

Please come and work with us for cleaning this beautiful shore. The more volunteers participate, the faster the pollution will be healed.

The new information for reference:

Shoreline cleaning event at April:
location:Tai Tan Tsai
Landscape index: 3point (Up to 5point)
Level: 3point (Up to 5point)