The Carnival of LCSKSL


The Carnival🎪 of LCSKSL was successfully held on 1st December. There were game booths, exhibitions and workshops under the theme of marine protection🌊 and waste reduction. Besides, there are performances and photo-taking session with mascot.

Let’s take a close look of what we have done to put environmental protection into practice↓↓↓

- Did not distribute bottled water, but set up water dispenser for our staff and volunteers to refill their water bottle

- Recycled cardboards, aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the materials for game booths, ceremony and signage
- Recycled “ghost net” and other rubbish to decorate the exhibition areas
- Tried to encourage the participants to bring their own used utensils to join the DIY workshop
- Set up recycling area to collect the paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles

- Will reuse the exhibition materials and game materials

- Replaced plastic cable ties with rope

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all the guests, including
Guest of Honour – President Wong and President Yuen,
Guest speaker – Mr. Law, Mr. Hui and Mr. Kwong,
All of the performers, workshop tutors and volunteers. Thank you.🙏